Essentials of Coaching with Mike Smith

Essentials of Coaching is an event that will give you leadership tools. Coaching helps someone to discover and express their potential and dreams. You will learn active listening skills as well as how to ask powerful questions, create awareness, and design actions to help someone move forward towards their goals.

Event Information

Date & Time

January 28-29



Ohio Ministry Network

8405 Pulsar Place

Columbus, OH 43240


$150 per person

Includes: manual, 2 days of training that can count towards certification, and 2 lunches


Mike Smith, Essentials of Coaching

Mike Smith, Essentials of Coaching


Michael is the founder of “New Normal Coaching.” He is a passionate communicator and visionary leader. Michael is a certified coach with: The International Coach Federation (ACC); The Assemblies of God (AGPC – Level Three); and The Institute for Spiritual Leadership. In addition to serving as an experienced coach and trainer, he has 23 years of pastoral experience. Michael currently serves on the pastoral team at Calvary Church in Naperville, IL.