Parent Affiliated Churches

Parent Affiliated Churches

The Ohio Church Multiplication Network (OCMN) recognizes that God is promoting a culture of creativity and innovation among the leaders of new works in order to reach people with the life-transforming message of Christ Jesus. As such, new types of churches and variations on existing models are being explored.


In 2009, a resolution was approved allowing existing Assembly of God churches to expand their ministries by starting new works known as Parent Affiliated Churches (PAC). PACs are unique in that another church (the parent church) provides for their oversight and governance. This provision opened the door to a variety of new church structures and models allowing new churches to be closely connected to an existing healthy church.


As we are beginning to see more and more churches utilize the PAC, we want to provide resources that can help facilitate the successful start of these new works. Below you will find some information and links that we hope will be helpful as you are exploring how to leverage the PAC to multiply the Gospel in your community.

Definition of a Parent Affiliated Church

A Parent Affiliated Church is an extension of an existing General Council Affiliated Church or duly authorized District Council Affiliated Church resulting in a worshiping community distinct from the Parent Church. A PAC is subject to the ecclesial supervision and authority of the Parent Church, in such a manner, and upon such terms and conditions as are determined by the Parent Church.

Memorandum of Understanding

In order to minimize misunderstandings regarding governance, leadership, finances, and responsibility, we recommend the development and mutual acceptance of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) prior to opening the PAC.

Also, the constitution and bylaws of the parent church should be amended, if needed, to account for matters related to the PAC. In some circumstances, separately incorporating the PAC is preferable. Below are a few MOU worksheets that have been developed for SoCal AG.

Church Plant Opening as a PAC

PAC Intending to Transition to GC Status

PAC Merging into a Parent Church

PAC Intending to Remain a PAC

In addition to these worksheets, the Ohio Ministry Network recommends this Sample MOU for General Council Churches that are interested in transitioning to parent-affiliated status under another General Council Church.

Parent Church Considerations and Responsibilities

ACMR – Data related to AG Total Giving and the Annual Church Ministries Report (ACMR) for a PAC rolls up and is credited to the parent church.

Insurance – Make certain that insurance policies of the parent church are reviewed to accommodate the PAC. If the PAC is incorporated separately it should be insured with its own policy.

Fiduciary Responsibility – Make sure that the official board of the PAC (named in the constitution and bylaws of the parent church of PAC) understands that it has a fiduciary responsbility that extends to the PAC.