Partnership Process

Partnership Process

Although the order of the steps below is flexible, they will provide you with an overview of all that is involved to get approved for financial support from OCMN.  The time from the first step to funds disbursement depends upon a number of factors, but can range from three months to six months.


It should be noted that not all projects are approved for financial support and that funds disbursement for approved projects is based upon funds availability.

  • 01 Conversations

    Initial conversations with the OCMN director, OCMN team, and area leadership according to our recommended process

  • 02 Application

    Completion of the OCMN Partnership Application and supporting documents

  • 03 Assessment

    Scheduling and completion of assessments

  • 04 Review

    Application review by OCMN team

  • 07 Development

    Short-term or long-term development with an existing ministry as needed

  • 05 Interview

    Scheduling and completion of the OCMN team interview

  • 06 Network Presbytery

    Application review and decision by Network Presbytery

  • 08 Training

    Completion of a CMN training event or the equivalent

  • 09 Support

    Commencement of financial support as approved

  • 10 Network

    Continued development through regional peer networking at Leverage events

  • 11 Church Opening

    Open the church with the State of Ohio and the Assemblies of God

  • 12 Coaching

    Establish and ongoing connection with a trained coach