Our Philosophy

Partnership can be really cool!

Contingent upon the availability of funds, new churches can qualify to receive up to $17,500 dispersed over one year and a $2,500 leader development grant.


We believe in strong launches!

OCMN will assist planters and parent churches in procuring additional support to facilitate a strong launch.


We are not afraid of different!

We want to work with those leaders called to take risks of faith in starting innovative new works that will reach the lost. Besides, who is more creative than the Holy Spirit?


It takes one to know one!

We understand that entrepreneurs in ministry identify with other entrepreneurs in ministry. Our Leverage events will help you stay connected to others who have the same dreams as yours.


Nobody likes wasted time!

The energy of planters and site pastors is best spent on reaching people, not on processing paperwork. OCMN will do everything possible to make the mundane tasks of ministry smooth and easy through a growing network of support.


Discovery is a journey!

We are committed to walk with those investigating what church multiplication in Ohio is all about. Starting a new work is definitely not for everyone, but we feel our discovery process can be a win for everyone.


We should never stop growing!

Whether it’s a short weekend stint or a six-month plan, we endeavor to build a network where new leaders can learn from the best. We are connected with churches of different styles that are making an incredible impact in their respective communities.


Prayer makes the difference!

Through our network of pastors and leaders, OCMN helps to connect our multipliers to others who will prayerfully stand with our new churches.