I Want to Plant a Church

Planting a Church with the Ohio Church Multiplication Network

  • 01 Conversations

    Initial conversations with the OCMN director, OCMN team, and area leadership according to our recommended process

  • 02 Application

    Completion of the OCMN Partnership Application and supporting documents

  • 03 Assessment

    Scheduling and completion of assessments

  • 04 Review

    Application review by OCMN team

  • 05 Interview

    Scheduling and completion of the OCMN team interview

  • 06 Network Presbytery

    Application review and decision by Network Presbytery

  • 07 Development

    Short-term or long-term development with an existing ministry as needed

  • 08 Training

    Completion of a CMN training event or the equivalent

  • 09 Support

    Commencement of financial support as approved

  • 10 Network

    Continued development through regional peer networking at Leverage events

  • 11 Church Opening

    Open the church with the State of Ohio and the Assemblies of God

  • 12 Coaching

    Establish an ongoing connection with a trained coach

Parent Affiliated Churches

The Ohio Church Multiplication Network (OCMN) recognizes that God is promoting a culture of creativity and innovation among the leaders of new works in order to reach people with the life-transforming message of Christ Jesus.  As such, new types of churches and variations on existing models are being explored.  Many of those newer models involve one church being represented in multiple locations (multisite, satellite, etc.).

It is our desire in the Ohio Ministry Network to facilitate the planting of new churches while maintaining
the strength and harmony of our Network. In order to help accomplish this dual goal, we have established a recommended process for the planting of new churches and sites.

Parent Church Considerations

OCMN desires to partner with churches (site parents) that plan to start new sites in order to reach the unreached in communities throughout the state.  Church models involving one church in many locations can be extremely effective since proven systems and DNA are easily shared, healthy leadership development can spring from the main church, and expensive facility expansion programs can often be avoided.  However, these models require that the site parent is prepared for the unique challenges represented so that the chances of impact are maximized.

Leadership Capacity

Site parents require a very capable lead pastor and accompanying team since the site parent will inevitably experience an initial “drain” as new sites are started.  The OCMN interview and assessment process will look for the following characteristics in a site parent:

  1. Strong staff relationships
  2. Developed methods for evaluation and improvement
  3. Clear and established organizational and communication systems for the parent church

Healthy Patterns

It is essential for the site parent to have a history of health in the following areas:

  • Outreach/community impact and involvement
  • Assimilation and discipleship
  • Attendance/congregational participation in the life of the church
  • Finance
  • Missions giving
  • Peer networking with other churches and ministries

Vision and Mission

The leaders of the site parent should be able to articulate a clear vision and mission that incorporate the addition of a new site(s) in a way that fits the church and community.  There should be clear and measurable church-wide goals that tie back to the vision and mission.  The leadership of the site parent should also demonstrate that the existing congregation has embraced this vision and mission, or be able to share a plan to seek their support of the essential ideas involved.  Models that incorporate multiple sites are most viable in target areas with large populations, therefore, consideration of the size and demographics of the target communities will be included in the assessment process.  In addition, high-level strategies regarding promotional plans for launch should be known by the leadership team.

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